Self-Calibrating Head-Mounted Eye Trackers Using Egocentric Visual Saliency

Head-mounted eye tracking has significant potential for […]

Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation in the Wild

Appearance-based gaze estimation is believed to work we […]

Learning-by-Synthesis for Appearance-based 3D Gaze Estimation

Inferring human gaze from low-resolution eye images is […]

Graph-based Joint Clustering of Fixations and Visual Entities

We present a method that extracts groups of fixations […]

Coupling Eye-Motion and Ego-Motion features for First-Person Activity Recognition

We focus on the use of first-person eye movement and eg […]

Touch-Consistent Perspective for Direct Interaction under Motion Parallax

A 3D display is a key component to present virtual spac […]

Incorporating Visual Field Characteristics into a Saliency Map

Characteristics of the human visual field are well know […]

Attention Prediction in Egocentric Video Using Motion and Visual Saliency

We propose a method of predicting human egocentric visu […]

Calibration-free Gaze Estimation using Visual Saliency

We propose a calibration-free gaze sensing method using […]

An Incremental Learning Method for Unconstrained Gaze Estimation

This paper presents an online learning algorithm for ap […]

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